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Book Five of the Loving Husband Series

How would you survive with one life in the past and another in the present?

Grace Wentworth knows two things about her parents, James and Sarah—one, they are deeply in love, and two, they have a secret they will share with no one. Grace senses that she is a part of that secret, but she is not sure how and James and Sarah are less than forthcoming.

A budding historian, Grace is drawn to her grandmother’s house near Boise, Idaho where she learns about her mother’s family for the first time. In Idaho, Grace must deal with her own secret—vivid dreams about a 2000-mile journey on the Oregon Trail alongside a handsome, friendly pioneer named Matthew Cooper. With the help of Olivia Phillips, a dear family friend and the most powerful of witches, Grace must make a decision that will alter her family forever.

Part historical romance, part time-travel fantasy, The Duchess of Idaho is a story for anyone who believes that the bonds of true love will never be broken.

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