Her Dear & Loving Husband Review from Allbooks Review, Int.

Title: Her Dear and Loving Husband

Author: Meredith Allard

Publisher: Copperfield Press


Date: July 2011

Sarah Alexander, divorced and looking for a fresh start, accepts a position in the Humanities department, at Salem State College. Her friend and boss, Jennifer, introduces Sarah to Professor James Wentworth. She settles in to her new life in Salem with her new friends.

Wanting to find information on a relative that she believes was killed during the Salem Witch hunts in the 1600’s, Sarah visits the many Salem sites of the hangings, tortures and incarcerations of the witches. Professor Wentworth is happy to be her guide, but Sarah begins to want more from the Professor. Unfortunately, James Wentworth is still in love with his dead wife. Is Sarah falling for him? Does he feel the same?

James Wentworth is hiding a secret, a deep dark secret that only a few people such as Jennifer, know. When a news reporter, Mr. Hempel of the Salem News begins to investigate James, things start to take on a different energy. One that Sarah finds hard to define, but that seems to be drawing her into things she doesn’t understand.

Author Meredith Allard is a true master of the written word. The characters are realistic and easy to know. The descriptions are vivid and enriching. She received a B.A and M.A in English from California State University and teaches writing to students of all ages. Watch for the sequel, Her Loving Husband’s Curse.

An excellent read that will keep you involved until the final page, most enjoyable.

Highly recommended by Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review, http://www.allbooksreviewint.com

Review from Emma Harrison

I’ve never been a vampire fan, so I shouldn’t read vampire novels.  Twilight didn’t appeal to me (too much teen angst) and I’m not a blood and guts person. I’m glad I read this book because what I do like is a good story, and that’s what Her Dear and Loving Husband is–a good, romantic story with enough plot twists and turns to keep the interest high and the reader guessing. 

Sarah Alexander moves to Salem after her divorce. She works at the local college and meets James Wentworth, a handsome professor. She dreams about the Salem Witch Trials, though she won’t tell anyone, not even her closest friends. James also has something he won’t tell anyone, but a reporter for the local paper discovers his secret. The more James and Sarah learn about each other, the more they realize that their stories piece together in an odd way. James and Sarah fall in love, but that is not the end for them. James still has to fight against the reporter who wants to tell everyone that James Wentworth is not what he seems to be.

One thing I liked about the book was that the paranormal characters are treated in a normal way. They seem like regular people living regular lives who just happen to be special in these different ways. There are some traditional vampire moments for those who are into that genre, but not enough to gross me out. It’s far more of a love story than a horror novel.

I thought the love story between James and Sarah was sweet, and I wouldn’t mind having a handsome vampire like James Wentworth in my life. I read the whole book in just a couple of days because I couldn’t wait to see how their stories tied together next.  There’s a strong ending, too, that leaves a lot of room for the next book in the series. I’ll be looking for it.

Emma Harrison is a writer who is starting a blog reviewing books, movies, television, and anything else that needs reviewing. She will be open to receiving books for review this fall. Contact her at emmaharrison17@yahoo.com. Look for her blog coming soon.

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