Press Release–Her Dear & Loving Husband

For Immediate Release…

From Copperfield Press: HER DEAR & LOVING HUSBAND

by Meredith Allard

 How long would you wait for the one you loved?

Her Dear & Loving Husband, the new novel from Meredith Allard, is part literary fiction, part historical fiction, part romance, and part paranormal fantasy. With elements of Twilight and The Crucible, Her Dear & Loving Husband is a story for anyone who believes that true love never dies. 

James Wentworth has a secret. He lives quietly in Salem, Massachusetts, making few ties anywhere. One night his private world is turned upside down when he meets Sarah Alexander, a dead ringer for his wife, Elizabeth. Though it has been years since Elizabeth’s death, James cannot move on.

Sarah also has a secret. She is haunted by nightmares about the Salem Witch Trials, and every night she is awakened by visions of hangings, being arrested, and dying in jail. Despite the obstacles of their secrets, James and Sarah fall in love. As James comes to terms with his feelings for Sarah, he must dodge accusations from a reporter desperate to prove that James is not who, or what, he seems to be. Soon James and Sarah discover a mystery that may bind them in ways they never imagined. Will James make the ultimate sacrifice to protect Sarah and prevent a new hunt from bringing hysteria to Salem again?

Meredith Allard is the executive editor of The Copperfield Review, named one of the top markets for new writers by Writer’s Digest. Her writing has appeared in journals such as Muse Apprentice Guild, The Paumanok Review, Writer’s Weekly, and Moondance.

For further information or to request review copies, please contact us at copperpress(at)gmail(dot)com.

 Her Dear & Loving Husband | 262 pages | ISBN 978-0-615-45422-1 or 978-0-615-47260-7 | e-book ($2.99) |  paperback ($11.99) |  hardcover ($23.99)


Her Dear & Loving Husband is a paranormal love story set against the backdrop of the quaint town of Salem, Massachusetts. This new novel from Meredith Allard is a beautifully drawn portrait of two people whose love spans the test of time.

Written in elegant, poetic prose, Her Dear & Loving Husband explores the themes of survival, fear, madness, and redemption. Allard recreates the harsh world of Colonial America, revealing the strictly religious Puritans as well as those who came not for religious purposes but for profits. She spent two years researching the colonial period and the Salem Witch Trials, adding realism and depth to the story. Her Dear & Loving Husband is Book One of The Loving Husband Trilogy.

About the Author:

Meredith Allard is the executive editor of The Copperfield Review, a journal for readers and writers of historical fiction. The Copperfield Review was named one of the top websites for new writers by Writer’s Digest, and it has been written about in The Los Angeles Times and Duotrope. She has been part of the Southern Nevada Writing Project, and her short fiction and articles have appeared in journals such as The Paumanok Review, Muse Apprentice Guild, The Maxwell Digest, Wild Mind, Moondance, Writer’s Weekly, and CarbLite. She has taught writing to students aged 10 to 60, and she has taught creative writing and writing historical fiction at Learning Tree University and UNLV. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

HER DEAR & LOVING HUSBAND                                                                        

By Meredith Allard

April 2011

Copperfield Press


ISBN 978-0-615-45422-1 or 978-0-615-47260-7

E-Book ($2.99) Paperback ($11.99) Hardcover ($23.99) 

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