Welcome to Copperfield Press!

Greetings and welcome to the website for Copperfield Press, the new publishing house from the authors and editors of The Copperfield Review. After ten years publishing short stories, articles, poetry, reviews, and interviews, we’re ready to break into publishing full length novels and perhaps even a few novellas.

As always, our main focus is historical fiction. And for those of you who have been following Copperfield over the past decade, you know that we have more literary tastes for prose. We believe that, as traditional publishers have become more guarded about accepting new talent, there are still many undiscovered, gifted writers whose stories should be read and enjoyed. We’re looking forward to filling the gap that traditional publishing has left wide open with well-written, engaging stories that capture people’s hearts, minds, and imaginations.

We’re not ready to begin accepting new submissions quite yet. We have several novels lined up for 2011-2012, so right now our plate is full. Look for our submission guidelines coming Autumn 2011. We expect to be open to submissions Spring 2012. And don’t forget to visit us at www.copperfieldreview.com for the best in historical short stories.

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