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Grace Wentworth knows two things about her parents, James and Sarah—one, they are deeply in love, and two, they have a secret they will share with no one. Grace senses that she is a part of that secret, but she is not sure how and James and Sarah are less than forthcoming.

While visiting her grandmother in Idaho, Grace is propelled back through time to Independence, Missouri in 1850. Unsure what to do or where to go, she follows a wagon train bound on a treacherous 2000-mile journey to Oregon. She finds something oddly familiar about Matthew Cooper, a handsome, friendly pioneer, and she is deeply drawn to him. Torn between remaining with Matthew while facing constant dangers or returning to her family, Grace will need the help of Olivia Phillips, a dear family friend and the most powerful of witches, to save her.

“An epic story of hardship, loss, and love on the Oregon Trail. The added element of the time travel makes this adventure even more fascinating.” ~Austen Reviews

“A time travel romance on the Oregon Trail? Count me in.” ~Mary Ressenor

“Author Meredith Allard has done it yet again with vivid and enriching descriptions. This time, she brings the dangers of the Oregon Trail to life, along with a winning love story that keeps you rooting until the end.” ~Allbooks Review

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